A journey to faith

Our questions concern the circumstances surrounding their death Just how had I got this idea of just and unjust? Many times we think of prayer as public prayer, and that makes us uncomfortable.

The Journey with the Human Jesus Jesus is at the center of the community of the forgiven. Use those that are meaningful to you as guideposts, pointing down a road you may not yet have explored. What is your spiritual background? Through the ordeal, Lewis learned that prayer is not about calling down miracles on demand.

It is Jesus who offers forgiveness to us all. It is the difference between a real event on the one hand and dim dreams or premonitions on the other. It almost looks as if it had really happened once. Lewis was shocked to hear the strong atheist T. Discuss your experiences with others and listen to theirs.

Can you remember the sounds, sights, smells? The Greek word metanoia is often translated as "repent," but the more correct understanding is probably "deep change. The further one goes down the wrong road, the harder it becomes to turn back, to reconsider, to rationalize why the wrong road is right or just as good or, even worse, the better way!

Henri Nouwen and Brennan Manning live on my bookshelf and tell me that God loves me and that I can join Him in loving other people. Lewis recognized that God seeks us out personally and makes demands upon us. Tolkien, Hugo Dyson, Owen Barfield, and others, faithfully and patiently walked beside Lewis as they helped him resolve his many misgivings about Christianity.

Who in your life needs to know Jesus as Lord? Christians must present the faith as fulfilling our deepest desires. One day he told me that the core of the Christian life was summed up in the story of the prodigal son. Suffering was a dilemma for atheism; only within Christianity did Lewis find a satisfactory explanation.

There are no experts on prayer, only beginners. And I want people to see themselves the way God sees them, so I try to offer affirmation and point to the beauty God placed in them.

To be effective evangelists and apologists we must be good theologians. Not health, but becomingThe Journey of Faith. Each fall for 15 years, up to people gathered every Wednesday night at Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee, to explore the meaning of the Sacred Journey.

Lewis’s long journey away from, and back to, faith began with his mother’s death from cancer when he was a boy. Disillusioned that God had not healed his mother, Lewis set out on a path toward full-bodied rationalism and atheism. Journey to Faith Question. I was reading your very enjoyable website, and had a question about your statements regarding faith: ” There are basically two aspects to.

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This couple shares their journey to discovering the God behind their faith through the health challenges of their son Nicholas. Yes it is easy to believe miracles don't happen anymore but little miracles become big blessings when you can look back.4/5(1).

Faith: A Journey For All and millions of other books are available for instant access.

Journey to Faith

Kindle | Audible Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you. A journey to faith is my story of God's pursuit, introduction and relationship with me. Through my journey I hope to inspire, encourage, and empower people.

A journey to faith
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