A streetcar named desire context essay

Williams loathed his father but grew to appreciate him somewhat after deciding in therapy as an adult that his father had given him his tough survival instinct.

The play, set in contemporary times, describes the decline and fall of a fading Southern belle named Blanche DuBois.

Education with Integrity

His experience as a known homosexual in an era unfriendly to homosexuality also informed his work. His popularity during these years also declined due to changed interests in the theater world. Williams, was a traveling salesman and a heavy drinker. Inthe Williams family moved to St.

During these years, he and Rose became extremely close.

Most important, Williams identified with Crane as a homosexual writer trying to find a means of self-expression in a heterosexual world. Unlike Williams, Crane succumbed to his demons, drowning himself in at the age of thirty-three. In his long career he wrote twenty-five full-length plays five made into moviesfive screenplays, over seventy one-act plays, hundreds of short stories, two novels, poetry, and a memoir.

Williams set his plays in the South, but the compelling manner in which he rendered his themes made them universal, winning him an international audience and worldwide acclaim. The mark he left on the tradition of realism in American drama is indelible.

The event greatly upset Williams, and it left his sister institutionalized for the rest of her life. He was one month short of his seventy-second birthday.

He then returned to college, this time at Washington University in St. While he was in Iowa, Rose, who had begun suffering from mental illness later in life, underwent a prefrontal lobotomy an intensive brain surgery.

After three years at the shoe factory, Williams had a minor nervous breakdown. Williams felt a personal affinity with Crane, who, like himself, had a bitter relationship with his parents and suffered from bouts of violent alcoholism. After being bedridden for two years as a child due to severe illness, Williams grew into a withdrawn, effeminate adolescent whose chief solace was writing.

He suffered a long period of depression following the death of his longtime partner, Frank Merlo, in Before Williams could receive his degree, however, his father forced him to withdraw from school. Despite this trauma, Williams finally managed to graduate in An Inspector Calls Essay Plan based on the characters of Birling and the Inspector.

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A streetcar named desire context essay
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