An analysis of the purchased paper a study by skip downing

The discovery of an abandoned Islamic State drone workshop in Ramadi in February by Conflict Armament Research field investigators, which was being used by the terror group to produce homemade fixed-wing drones, lends some additional credence to this line of thinking.

All of the documents appear to be from the time period, and the collection includes a mix of official Islamic State forms and handwritten notes. Key Takeaways There are a number of important takeaways that can be gleaned from the documents.

Researchers should read the analysis below with these particular caveats in mind. Combating Terrorism Center, Military Academy at West Point. Ninevah and Saladindemonstrating broader geographic management of Islamic State drone activity; and 3 that in the Islamic State already had plans to use its drones as attack weapons, based on the presence of weapons-related checkboxes on the drone use report documents.

It also provided space for the operators to write notes, perhaps to document lessons learned from failed missions or interesting events that occurred during successful ones.

Sixty-one families measured their amount of food waste during seven days and noted in a diary why each item was wasted. On the first page, drone operators were asked to provide the following details about their mission: A long-range radio control relay system produced by Foxtech was also included on a number of acquisition lists so the group could extend the range of its dronesas were various types of servo motors.

The knowledge about how packaging affects food waste in households, however, is scarce. This included the Islamic State being able to successfully drop munitions onto crowds and to hit stationary vehicles and tanks while its drone loitered and filmed the incidents. While fixed-wing drones cannot hover and stay in place, they offer certain advantages such as being able to fly much farther from their controller than quad-copter variants.

One surprising omission from the acquisition lists, which could be telling, were requests for quad-copter-style drones. But that trick only works occasionally, and it likely has a limited shelf life.

It could also be coincidental. When requests for drones were featured in the documents, they were for fixed-wing airplane bodies. Indeed, analyses of previous caches of Islamic State material related to its foreign fighters, media activity, and weapons development have all pointed to an organization that has sought to institutionalize the capture of data through the use of administrative documents and related procedures.

Thirty of the families had participated earlier in an environmental project including education in environmental issues of everyday life. The environmentally educated households wasted less, especially of prepared food.

Other documents in the collection were produced by the Aviation Sector of this committee.

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These households were more observant to packaging aspects in relation to food waste. Since this type of attack had not been conducted before, the drone was an unassuming place for the Islamic State to hide an improvised explosive device. Conflict Armament Research, Screen capture from Islamic State video showing a drone munition drop targeting a tank The recent discovery of a small batch of internal Islamic State documents, which were recovered in Iraq and provided to the Combating Terrorism Center CTCprovides an inside look into how the group has sought to cobble together, develop, and enhance its drone capabilities as well as manage its drone program.

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Although they recognised packaging influence on food waste, these households expressed lower satisfaction with packaging functions and wanted packaging to a lower extent. This exploratory study examines reasons for food waste in household and especially how and to what extent packaging influences the amount of food waste.

Mironova personally obtained hard copies of the documents while she was conducting field research in Iraq, embedded with an Iraqi military unit.

Given the specific price information provided on forms that appear to be either receipts or purchase forms, it is possible that the Islamic State is acquiring some of this equipment directly online—likely through third parties in countries outside the region, to potentially include popular online retailers.

Packaging plays an important role in reducing food waste. Supply lists in the collection also confirm how the Islamic State has been acquiring hardware and other tools to modify and enhance the performance of commercially available drones and to build its own based on existing airframes.

The documents were discovered in a facility formerly under the control of the Islamic State located in the Muhandeseen neighborhood of Mosul, near Mosul University. It is possible that the records for Bangladeshi foreign fighters were stored elsewhere or that these recruits arrived at a later date and their data is not reflected in the Islamic State personnel files held by CTC.

Previous article in issue. For background, see Rassler, pp. One of the documents suggests that the drone program was given a certain level of priority. In the short-term, we should expect the Islamic State to refine its drone bomb-drop capability. As reported by Mitch Utterback, these bomb-like munitions could be 40mm rifle grenades.

At the end of the video, the group showed a brief teaser for its next release, which contained a video clip of the drone bomb drop capability this time with what appeared to be a round grenade being used in Anbar. It is very likely that these documents represent only a very small fraction of internal Islamic State material on this topic.

The standardized four-page form that Islamic State drone operators needed to fill out contained four main sections. The Islamic State is Bureaucratic about its Drones, Too The discovery and capture of internal documents produced by the Islamic State and its predecessor organizations have demonstrated that the group is fairly detail-oriented and bureaucratic when it comes to its operations.

The 21 documents themselves can be broken down into four main categories:"Of the daily newspapers in the analysis, 40 — or 36 percent — were found to have gone through publicly reported layoffs during the month study.

A study at the year end concluded that the present value of the future estimated net cash flows from the patent at 31 March is $3·25 million; however, Downing Co also has a confirmed offer of $3·4 million to sell the patent immediately at that date.

Acquisition and Purchase Lists Reveal that Islamic State Drones are Not That Sophisticated, but Those Same Lists Also Show How the Group is Resourceful, DIY-Minded, and Solution-Seeking A preliminary review of the equipment and purchase list items, which all appear to be readily available online, tells a mixed story.

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Joyce Anderson Downing, MSEd, is currently project director for TEAMS, a federally supported project designed to provide assistance to teachers of at-risk students. Downing is also a doctoral student in special education at the University of Kansas.

An analysis of the purchased paper a study by skip downing
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