An argument in favor of having kids tried as adults

By allowing them to be tried as adults, you give them the ability to have a trial by jury. Or are there other factors? Without effective intervention and help, these children suffer, struggle, and fall into despair and hopelessness. Many of them are aware of just how flawed the juvenile justice system is, and use that to their advantage.

EJI believes confinement of children with adults in jails and prisons is indefensible, cruel, and unusual, and it should be banned. Some children nationwide have been sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

In juvenile courts there are no juries and no trials by jury either. He was only 14 years old. It seems that once a child commits a crime, they are no longer able to quit. In adult courts the sentencing is much harsher and the chance of getting off the hook with some counseling is very slim.

Trying juveniles as adults is not sugarcoating crime because of age. Message of Lost Hope By giving juveniles extremely hard sentences, it gives the impression that there is no hope for their future and no hope of them ever becoming anything but a criminal and a convict.

Many of these juveniles lack the maturity to handle situations such as adult prison. This downplays the necessity to uphold the truth, bring forth justice and punish criminal act, regardless of the age of the offender. If you commit a terrible crime, you will spend a considerable part of your life in jail.

This could have lasting ill effects on their mental, social and emotional lives. This is a very dangerous situation, especially if they are very young. Focus on Crime Even at the start of trial, the court is already prejudiced when it tries juvenile delinquents. This is a very high number because teenagers have full control over their thoughts and actions.

These are the questions plaguing the American legal system today, as the violent acts of juvenile offenders continue to make headlines.

Death in Prison Sentences for Children http: There has been a debate regarding the advantages and disadvantages of trying juvenile delinquents as adults. Sadly, many states have ignored the crisis and dysfunction that creates child delinquency and instead have subjected kids to further victimization and abuse in the adult criminal justice system.

Are we seeing a drop because children are thinking more carefully about their crimes, knowing they could receive adult sentences? Children as young as eight have been prosecuted as adults. Many young children in America are imperiled by abuse, neglect, domestic and community violence, and poverty.

All but five states allow children of any age charged with murder to be tried as adults.

Pros and Cons of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults

Some 10, children are housed in adult jails and prisons on any given day in America. Crime has to pay. Criminal Records Follow Crimes that are on your juvenile records hold much less weight in the world than those on your adult record.

In a 12 year old girl killed her entire family for not approving of her boyfriend. Print email Read More: This further hinders their ability to rehabilitate after they are released. She was only given 10 years. EJI believes that no children under age 14 should be prosecuted as an adult for any crime, and is working to ban underage prosecution.Harsh sentencing acts as a deterrent to kids who are considering committing crimes.

Should the Law Treat Kids and Adults Differently?

Trying children as adults has coincided with lower rates of juvenile crimes. Light sentences don't teach kids the lesson they need to learn: If you commit a terrible crime, you will spend a considerable part of your life in jail. Should juveniles be tried as adults? 52% Say Yes 48% Say No If You Can Do the Crime You Can Do The Time Most juries are actually more in favor of the minor because he/she is just a child.

If you think being tried as an adult will be harder for the minor to be found innocent you are wrong. No I don't think kids should be tried as adults.

Kids who show lots of enmity should be tried as adults.

When Juveniles Are Tried in Adult Criminal Court

It is the only way to protect the innocent children. These kids know right from wrong, but they choose to do the wrong things and violence is wrong.

As the laws have gotten stricter on. Children as young as thirteen have been tried as adults and sentenced to die in prison, typically without any consideration of their age or circumstances of the offense.

The following article will try and highlight both these sides so that you get a clear picture of the argument at hand. Follow Us: you'll find that the kids who have committed a crime are very young -- as young as 9 and The question 'Should juveniles be tried as adults for violent crimes' is garnering more and more arguments.


10 Pros and Cons of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults

When Juveniles Are Tried in Adult Criminal Court. Some cases involving youth offenders are serious enough to be transferred to adult criminal court. By Kathleen Michon, J.D. And a few states allow children of any age to be tried as adults for certain types of crimes, such as homicide. The current trend among states is to lower the minimum.

An argument in favor of having kids tried as adults
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