Case team analysis of jenson shoes: jane kravitzis story essay

Recognizing that neither she nor Lyndon will get a bonus if he misses the deadlines for the s. Jane should then inform Lyndon that she has been keeping a performance log and documenting his actions since the start of the project. She uses the fact that Lyndon completed the environmental project as a confirmation that he is competent.

Furthermore, her decisions are influenced by performance evaluations. Finally, the presence of a reward system and system-imposed time constraints also shape her managing style. If Lyndon still refuses to cooperate, Jane should admit that her perceptions of Lyndon were distorted and that her approach to managing the situation was ineffective.

Analyses and Evaluation a. Her decision to preserve her style of management can also be attributed to a confirmation bias. Even though there are obvious signs of Lyndon being an irresponsible employee, she holds onto her first impression of him and does not change her style of management.

This will give Lyndon the opportunity to express his feelings. Lyndon demonstrates low distinctiveness because his uncooperative behaviour is typical and he has dismissed assigned work in the past.

Case Team Analysis of Jenson Shoes: While this solution avoids the possibility of Lyndon not completing any project, it is suboptimal; ideally, he would complete both the Latino and African American projects. More essays like this: Bounded Rationality In her decision-making process, Jane operates within the confines of bounded rationality.

Rather, considering herself to be a good manager and confident in her ability to address challenging situations, she maintains her initial easy-going approach. Jane, the perceiver, is confident in her own managing skills and has a positive attitude toward this new project.

Rather than considering the complexity of the problem ie. By taking time to analyze the situation, she would realize that her agreeable approach is unsuccessful. If not, however, Jane should present Lyndon with the following option: This confidence causes her to overlook any negative connotations associated with Lyndon.

Recommendations Jane has several options proceeding in the situation. She takes an extreme approach to this policy by giving Lyndon special treatment to ensure his satisfaction. Lastly, his actions can be interpreted as possessing low consensus because his resistant behaviour differs from that of his co-workers who have been assigned similar tasks.

Furthermore, errors, biases, and organizational constraints also influence this decision-making process. If he has a reasonable explanation for his behaviour, he should continue by only completing one s. Additionally, by sticking with her original way of dealing with Lyndon even though it is not working, she escalates her commitment.

Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitz’s Story Case Solution & Answer

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Firstly, Jane and Lyndon should discuss their individual perceptions of the situation.

Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs Story Case Solution

She is impressed with his project, when in reality it was only mediocre. Throughout the analysis, when we refer to her decisions, or managing approach, we are referring to examples from the case including: This in turn, influences her management decisions; instead of using her authority to demand the required output from Lyndon, she makes special allowances for him in hopes that he will realize the potential she originally perceives him to possess.

This is demonstrated through the three determining factors in the Attribution Theory:Jane Kravitz (Caucasian), strategic product manager, and Lyndon Twitchell (African American male), a member of her staff at Jensen Shoes, a successful producer and distributor of casual, athletic, and children’s shoes are in new positions and assigned at the beginning history.

Case Team Analysis Of Jenson Shoes: Jane Kravitz’s Story Janes Decision Making Organizational constraints also affect Janes decision- in the case of Jenson Shoes: Jane Kravitzs Story is that Janes distorted Words: Jane Erye Essay.

The fundamental issue in the case of Jenson Shoes: Jane Kravitz’s Story is that Jane’s distorted perceptions of Lyndon Brooks causes her to manage him ineffectively.

Case Team Analysis of Jenson Shoes: Jane Kravitz’s Story Essay Sample

Jensen Shoes Case Study Essay; Jensen Shoes Case Study Essay. Words Apr 27th, 3 Pages.

Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs Story HBS Case Analysis

• Lyndon Twitchell was assigned to work on Jane's team, and was given two strategic objectives to complete “Jensen Shoes” Case Analysis What was Brooks' perception of Kravitz's abilities, attitudes and motivations?. Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs Story case analysis, Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs Story case study solution, Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs Story xls file, Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs Story excel file, Subjects Covered Management communication Management skills Performance appraisals Women by Mary Gentile, Pamela J.

Maus Source: HBS Premier Case Collectio. Case Study: Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs This paper is about analyzing the case of “Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitzs”, and it focuses on one very important thing that almost all essays that are done on this Case Study fail to mention.

Case team analysis of jenson shoes: jane kravitzis story essay
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