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After graduating from his local high school, Dunbar High, he was awarded the James E.

Charles R. Drew

Not only did he make honor roll every year while attending Amherst, but he was also admitted into Omega Psi Phi, a Greek organization which promoted high grades, scholarships, and athletics. After finishing up with school, he did an internship and residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Drew had discovered that by separating the plasma the liquid Chareles drew essay c of blood from the whole blood in which the red blood cells exist and then refrigerating them separately, they could be combined up to a week later for a blood transfusion.

Lastly, being that I want to help people, he showed anything is possible. He not only helped people throughout his lifetime, during WWI and the civil rights movements, but people of today too.

In conclusion, Charles Drew revolutionary man and worthy of praise. Now at Columbia, he wrote a dissertation on "Banked Blood" in which he described a technique he developed for the long-term preservation of blood plasma.

He won a variety of medals for swimming, and later even more in other sports such as: Charles Drew is a hero. As a child Drew was showed to be quite athletic.

It was widely due to the fact that the military demanded segregated blood. Prior to his discovery, blood could not be stored for more than two days because of the rapid breakdown of red blood cells.

Charles Drew

He modernized this by teaching the doctors how to change blood into plasma. InDrew was also given the Spingarn Medal, which was a life time achievement award.

After a couple of more months they came to the conclusion that blood could not me stored but plasma could. While attending McGill, students, scholars, and professors quickly noticed the work ethic and dedication of Drew.

He also discovered that while everyone has a certain type of blood A, B, AB, or O and thus are prevented from receiving a full blood transfusion from someone with different blood, everyone has the same type of plasma.

This was important, especially during the time such as World War II. Together they made a way to sustain blood plasma.

Years back, while a student at McGill, he had saved a man by giving him a blood transfusion and had studied under Dr.

He showed that when you call yourself a student-athlete, student comes first. After working together for some months, they analyzed the problems for completing a blood transfusion and issues with storing blood.

John Beattie, an instructor of anatomy who was intensely interested in blood transfusions. He found out that plasma could be stored longer than regular blood.Dr. Charles Richard Drew was a renowned pioneer in Medical Science.

He is known for his research in blood plasma or blood without cells, and was responsible for founding two of the largest blood bank in the world. Read Charles Drew free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Charles Drew. Charles Drew was born June 3, ,in Washington mi-centre.coms was the oldest of five siblings. His parents were Nora /5(1).

Charles Drew was born June 3, in Washington, D.C. His mother’s name was Nora Burrell and his father’s name was Richard Y. Drew. He was the oldest of five children.

Charles Drew was born on June 3, in Washington, D.C. He was the eldest of five children born to Thomas, carpet layer, and Nora Burrell Drew, who was a school teacher.

Charles Drew Biography

In his school years, Charles excelled in athletics and academics alike. Charles Drew Charles Drew was born on June 3, in Washington, D.C., the son of Richard and Nora Drew and eldest of five children. Charles was one of those rare individuals who seemed to excel at everything he did and on every level and would go on to become of pioneer in the field of medicine.4/4(1).

Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3, in Washington D. C. He was born to a middle- class family. His father, Richard Drew was a carpet layer, and his mother Nora Burrell was a grade school teacher.

Drew’s family lived in Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood in D. C., after relocating from Pompano [ ].

Chareles drew essay c
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