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Categorizing different behaviors in seven subsystems divided the focus of nursing interventions. It has always been useful to nursing education and has been used in practice in educational institutions in different parts of Dorothy johnson world.

Ina minute documentary film was made of her life by Sue Hart of Montana State University, Billings The four-year effort was written and co-produced by Hart, along with producer Gene Bodeur, director Bill Bilverstone and Dorothy johnson director Lansing Dreamer.

There are four assumptions about system in the model: Achievement subsystem — functions to master and control the self or the environment Set The predisposition to act.

To assist the patient whose behavior does not give evidence of unnecessary trauma as a consequence of illness. Each subsystem composed of four structural characteristics i.

She died on November 11,aged Evaluation Evaluation is based on the attainment of a goal of balance in the identified subsystems. The main goal of nursing is to foster equilibrium within Dorothy johnson individual patient. In her model, the focus is with what the behavior the person is presenting making the concept more attuned with the psychological aspect of care in.

The focus on the behavioral system makes it difficult for nurses to work with physically impaired individual to use this theory. It had already ramped up airplane production, creating a great demand for engineers, Dorothy johnson, craftsmen and skilled tradesmen.

Another advantage of the theory is that Johnson provided a frame of reference for nurses concerned with specific client behaviors. It implies that despite having only a few alternatives from which to select a behavioral response, the individual will rank those options and choose the option considered most desirable.

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Each subsystem must be protected from noxious influences that the system Dorothy johnson cope with; each subsystem must be nurtured with appropriate supplies from the environment; and each subsystem must be stimulated for use in order to enhance growth and protect from stagnation.

She contributed to the space program through her work on the Scout Launch Vehicle Program. Vaughan moved into the area of electronic computing inafter NACA introduced the first digital non-human computers to the center.

To be stimulated to enhance growth and prevent stagnation Assumptions Assumptions on Behavioral Systems Johnson cites Chin as the source for her first assumption.

Margot Kidder lent her voice to the effort. Attachment or affiliative subsystem — serves the need for security through social inclusion or intimacy 2.

Theories must be consistent with other validated theories, laws and principles but will leave unanswered questions that need to be investigated. At that time, the agency ended racial segregation at the facility. Including, but not limited to, courting and mating, this response system begins with the development of gender role identity and includes the broad range of sex-role behaviors.

Vaughan lived in Newport News, Virginia and commuted to work at Hampton via public transportation. Once a diagnosis is made, the nurse and other healthcare professionals develop a nursing care plan of interventions and setting them in motion. Dependency subsystem — behaviors designed to get attention, recognition, and physical assistance 3.

Johnson, Johnson acknowledges that the achievement of this balance may and will vary from individual to individual. Balance or steady-state in maintaining balance of behavior within an acceptable range.

Johnson has developed multiple concepts thus a diagram showing each and every concepts relationship might be helpful. A behavioral system, which requires some measure of regularity and constancy in behavior, is essential to the patient in that it has an important purpose in social life, as well as for the individual.

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She stated that her epitaph should read "Paid In Full. However, its use with families, groups, and communities is limited. The observable behaviors allow an outsider — in this case the nurse — to note the actions the individual is taking to reach a goal related to a specified subsystem.

Each subsystem is comprised of four structural characteristics. She died on November 10,aged In terms of the nursing processthe Behavioral System Model is best applied in the evaluation phase, during which time the nurse can determine whether or not there is balance in the subsystems of the patient.

The process ends with an evaluation, which is based on the balance of the subsystems. To be protected from noxious influences with which the person cannot cope 2. Aggressive subsystem — functions in self and social protection and preservation 7. Imbalance and instability in the behavioral system occur when tension and stressors affect the relationship of the subsystems or the internal and external environments.

It has been used in inpatient, outpatient, and community settings as well as in nursing administration.Watch video · Dorothy Johnson Vaughan worked as a NASA mathematician on the SCOUT Launch Vehicle Program that launched America’s first satellites into space.

Dorothy Johnson Vaughan was an African-American Born: Sep 20, Dorothy E. Johnson proposed the Behavioral System Model Nursing Theory in Johnson’s Behavioral System Model is a model of nursing care that advocates the fostering of efficient and effective behavioral functioning in the patient to prevent illness.

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