Essay on any social evil

Administration will be made strict. This is an inhuman act. They do not suit the present times. Respondents mentioned that they felt our society is slowly becoming more selfish, anti-social and greedy. There is a general feeling that all is not well with our socio-political system which is functioning under a great strain.

Poor people will always have to depend on others to survive. Today its proliferation into more than castes from four and that toe based on birth has become the gravest evil. Inequality at work refers to any type of discrimination in working environment based on caste, gender, race, color, etc.

In many cases, by watching the poor situation of their parents, bride becomes mentally affected. The basic reason behind this is the religious extremism and the hate against the government of the state.

Beggary problem can also be in control if the children who are begging can be put in the Govt. Education is the only and the best way to stop child marriage. There are many superstitions prevailing in the country. Another great evil which is the bane of Indian life is child marriage.

A girl who is married at an early age is deprived of opportunities for education and personal growth. The only and the best way to eradicate illiteracy from the society are by education.

They are taken to distant places to work in construction: Sanitation and cleanliness Introduction: Caste system can be discouraged through social education in rural areas.

InRoop Kanwar committed sati at the age of Besides these, there are many other social evils like child labour, gambling, wastage of food etc. It does not shock Indians anymore to know that not only the politicians, ministers and IAS and IPS officers are corrupt but even the judges, professors, doctors and NGOs are not out in the race.

The crimes by teenage boys or girls are generally done without having proper knowledge of it as they know very little about the world. In the rural areas, increasing population implies an increasing pressure on land.

To maintain the status: People stop for few seconds whenever they sneeze. Tradition of asking for dowry at the time of marriage.

Social Issues in India (causes, effects and solutions)

Polygamy, Purdah system, sort, ban on widow remarriage, no education for female child, female infanticide, child marriages were some of the evils that had vice—like grip over the society. In cities, however, they enjoy better status. We hear of this social evil prevalent in Rajasthan where girls are married off at an age when they do not understand what marriage is.

There are many institutions who are working behind the solving the problem of alcohol addiction and Government is also not far behind in this. Due to bribery people face number of problems. Thirdly, smuggling is the injurious social evil like bribery, corruption,hoarding and black marketing and this social evil growing easily like previous social evil.

Women in India are considered inferior than men since ages. The causes, effects and solutions for the social problem of child marriage are given below:Social Evils in Pakistan Essay Types and Causes.

One of the most critical social evil in Pakistan is corruption as unfortunately Pakistan is in the list of the top countries having mighty huge corruption in the system and the establishment. Sample essay on Social Evils Still Persist in our society.

Social evils are prevalent in almost all the backward countries. Surprising enough that India, a country proud of her ancient culture is no exception to it.

Conservatism and fundamentalism apart there are certain. 5 social evils in india that still prevail. New Delhi: We are living in the 21st century, Evil practices like the demand and acceptance of dowry is widespread in Rajasthan state.

The practice. Essay on “Corruption: A social evil” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Corruption: A social evil The most distressing aspect of the widespread corruption in India is the fact that it is not anymore confined to politicians or the government machinery alone.

What are social evils? Let’s start out with a brief introduction on what we think ‘social evils’ are all about. According to the popular website, a definition of ‘social evil’ would be something like this.

Sample essay on Social Evils Still Persist in our society

ANy Social EVil General Essay - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Essay on any social evil
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