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Conservative Judaism supports the ultimate return to the Promised Land which is located in Israel. That measure would assure secure and recognized borders. There are several reasons of such U.

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

For the Jews it is where their temple is, and for the Christian Palestinians it is where Christ was crucified. The direct discussions between the parties assume that the Palestinians immediately undertake and unconditional cessation of violence, which should be accompanied by supportive measures undertaken by Israel.

It is believed that Jews will return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. However, the animosity is only maintained by teaching the history of being oppressed and vindicating the death of ancestors. The United States has supported and protected Israel since its foundation.

Order custom written paper from MyPaperDone. This country tries to get profit from this conflict and promotes its own interests. Another more pragmatic reason is a good strategic location of Israel.

Israelis and Palestinians greeted each Essays on palestine and israel, which contained a variety of reservations. The United States and European countries are active participants of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The religious significance of Jerusalem for Jews and Christians all over the world is also a factor in drawing others into the conflict, as each side wants to make the holy city safe in order to travel to it peacefully.

Israel Palestine Conflict Essay

We are also ready to encourage co-operation in investment. Therefore, Jews have been historically interested in control over their most sacred place. Given the archeological history in the Israeli and Palestinian area it is little wonder that other nations have gotten involved.

Both these groups have deep roots on this territory, they can present a lot of arguments to prove that this area belongs to them.

The official text of the latest version of the roadmap was announced on April 30, following the elections of Mahmud Abbas as a Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority. The consequences is that a nuclear weapon in the hands of untrustworthy autonomous governments is a dangerous thing.

At the same time, U. The fragile peace process achieved so far is once again on the verge of collapse. Without some coming to terms and forgiving the past, the Israeli - Palestinian conflict is likely to continue. An outline of the program has evolved over the years. There were, however, controversial provisions include in the text of the roadmap.

The Temple has yet to be rebuilt but is still considered sacred as only the West Wall remains. Need help with term paper? Of course there are those involved who care nothing about the archeological or religious appeal of the place, they simply want one side to be victorious over the other.

It was very difficult to achieve peace in this conflict because the problem was not only in the current political situation and relations between Palestine and Israel nowadays, the root of the conflict is in distant past.

The revolution was not successful, but violence has sustained in the region since then regardless of heavy influence from the international community. The retaliation by Israel through military means does not help alleviate the conflict. The main things that are disputed are the holy city of Jerusalem, recognition of the Palestinians, and a respect for the borders separating the Israeli from the Palestinians.

Status of Jerusalem Wikipedia, For the time being the conflict zone is mainly featured by funerals, air strikes, and vows to fight the enemy — the permanent bloody circle continues as Hamas abandons a ceasefire. Thus, the roadmap was intensively criticized, and failed eventually as well as the Oslo accords — since the political statements were not supported by the effective mechanism to enforce the peace agreement.

Essay on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Such domination of the incredible resources of the Gulf in many ways means the United States can do what it wants. Through patience and occupation, the Jews secured the promised land in following two bitter global wars. If you are looking for a reliable professional writing service, Professay.

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Feel free to use our guides and manuals to improve your papers.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Palestine is one of the historic country in the Middle East, Palestine is surrounded by Lebanon in the North, Syria in North East, Jordan by the East side, Egypt by the South West side, and the Mediterranean sea in the West side.

Before a conflict takes place, there is usually a disagreement between the concerned parties. In the case of the Israel and Palestine, aggressive dialogue has never been set to foster talk rather than war.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Essay The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is of current importance and interest because, although it was solved, there is a great probability that it may break out again. The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is an ongoing tension between Israelis and the Palestinians being regarded as an indispensable part of the wider Arab–Israeli conflict.

Since the State of Israel is in the center of the conflict between the Arab population and Zionists. The Arab-Israeli Conflict The Arab Israeli conflict has gone on for many years. There have been many wars, terrorist attacks and peace treaties between Israel and the Arab countries.

There are few conflicts as divisive to the world as that of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From its inception in the early s and arguably before that, this conflict is one that is steeped in historical mysticism and debates over the authenticity of particular viewpoints/5(10).

Essays on palestine and israel
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