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It was an all-time favourite of Louis after all. It was a rainy day in London. Long lasting, like a human life. You just caught me this time. When Louis arrived at the arena, he felt no better. Louis was doing his usual hit the snooze button routine in bed. I drew you a picture.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, and we jumped in circles screaming. Liam looked up at his mother, eyes filling a little with tears again, before she let go of her hand and kissed him on the cheek.

Multiple small ones, like human lives. He was stuck here. Fan fiction has become an important part of being a Directioner.

Like trying to fit a banana in his nose or dancing a duet while mopping the kitchen floor. Louis sat up in bed and felt terrible. I simply nodded, as she smiled like a maniac. He wanted to go home. She got up from her chair and put her coffee on a coaster. It revolves around an orphaned girl and an exchange student, Niall Horan.

With the uncle she lives with gambling all her hard-earned money away, Kelsoe turns to street-fighting to keep herself and her little brother alive.

I nodded again, nibbling on a carrot. The vibratos and the pitch were just perfect for the song it was supposed to mimic. He envied it, the fact that something could make him feel at peace so easily.

One Direction BSM/DDM's

We have all the other ones in the toy box so he probably wants to get back to Jessie and Buzz and everyone, we could go play with them? Perfect, unlike a human life. Can we come back tomorrow?

His thumb soon found his mouth once more. He wiped his nose and put the tissue in his pocket for later. But his mom was gone.

Plump and thin, grapes and raisins. He got us tickets and backstage tickets for a concert.

1D as kids fanfic!

Liam quickly gave Louis a tissue. But our favourite fanfic is that which shows a side of the boys we can never imagine — a dark side. You put together a bunch of things like earrings, dresses, hairstyles, eye make-up and add a theme to the combination, and a fan has to imagine that event in that get-up.

I decided to do a 1D one. He stopped right in front of Liam. Louis sneeze started up a conversation with the rest of the boys. Still feeling pretty bad, Louis sat on the couch and put on his favorite pair of Toms.4 years ago · 25 #niall horan #one direction #one direction imagines #1d #1d imagines #nh #imagine #w10 #submission Being best friends with Louis Tomlinson tended to have its perks, one of which was the perk where you got to hang out at his and Harry’s flat and drink with them and the rest of One Direction, and some members of Little Mix.

Fanfiction Short Stories Write 1d Louis Tomlinson More. Emma has had a hard life. But, it didn't start out that way. Her best friend, Louis, was always there to protect her. When Louis goes off to pursue his career in music, what will become of her? The title and description box is not the place for you to write your story!

Louis Walsh calls One Direction "monsters" and says only Harry Styles will have a solo career. Meowww. Helloooo:) I'm Camille and I'm in love with Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. This is a sideblog where I write preferences, imagines, some smut and occasionally do ships.

4 years ago · 26 #louis tomlinson #one direction #one direction imagines #1d #1d imagines #lt #imagine #w5 #submission Hey!

One Direction: How well do you know 1D

We are a new One Direction blog that does fanfiction and one shot requests, and we love the layout and style of your blog and were wondering if you could give us a little shout out or promo or something?

Selfharm!Harry Mpreg!Louis The Phone Call When Louis made Harry cry Baby!Harry age play Mpreg!Harry When Harry doesn’t remember the boys Louis looking after sick Harry Liam walking in on Louis and.

How to write a 1d fanfiction louis
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