Impact of culture and employee voice in organizations management essay

Culture is an important dimension of group diversity that influences communication. The use of different languages often creates barrier to communication because one or both sides are not articulate as they could be in their native tongue. High individualism indicates tasks are more important and initiatives are encouraged whereas low individualism emphasizes relationship over tasks.

Some organizations have the habit of treating the employees well, and the communities badly. Here are five suggestions to help you get started: Effects of task performance, helping, voice, and organizational loyalty on performance appraisal ratings.

So make it easy for employees to speak up, and then reward their efforts with things they value. Cultural diversity is meaningful. Majority of employees dislike their organization if it shows less commitments or respect towards sustainable business practices.

Corporate social responsibility enhances the reputation and images of a company. Project Leadership Leadership provides essential elements to project success. Communication breakdowns occur when members often assume that the other party understands the message when in fact they do not.

In short, overtime works often affect the physical and mental health of the employees. Depending on the nature of these elements, employees will be motivated to perform to their best level, or may be demotivated and perform poorly in their work.

Against the backdrop of broad definitions, on the one hand, and the narrow ones on the other, generating a definition of workplace diversity that will be relevant and applicable in different cultures proves to be a challenge.

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In a task oriented or guided missile culture, the power that leaders hold is the result of their professional skills and emphasis is placed to attain the tasks assigned. In other words, there are two types of employees, one who likes their work and the other who dislikes their work.

These beliefs and values group together to create an environment that employee perceive as supportive or not supportive of diversity.


Only after few years, it will be developed properly. An organization, which encourages teamwork, may assess only the outcomes of the teamwork rather than the individual performances. The first addresses the notion that people want to be heard.

Organisation should adapt the policies that directly or indirectly affect the diversity issues Griffin and Hirsch, When managed properly, cultural diversity can provide competitive advantages for an organisation.

Often the message that is communicated, maybe different from the one that was intended because of cultural barriers. Companies can connect and protect people not only through the products and services that they bring to they customers, but also through how they live they lives and what they do on their own time.

It is impossible for these companies to employ only Americans in their overseas operations. It should be noted that while working as part of a team, an employee gets immense support from the team members. Different employees bring individual talents and experiences and suggest suggesting flexible ideas in adapting to ever changing markets.

Although cultural diversity presents a challenge, organisations should view it as an opportunity rather than a limitation. Within all organizations there are culturally supportive and non supportive people, policies, and informal structures.

Introduction Since culture is a word associated with human behaviour, organizational culture can be referred to as the collective behaviour of the employees of an organization.It is considered that national culture take priority over an organization’s culture because of its huge impact on employee performance.

Organization cultural types: Normative Culture: Organizational norms are defined earlier in normative culture and employee should follow all the rules of the organization. The Impact of the Motivation on the Employee’s Performance in Beverage Industry of Pakistan Hashim ZAMEER1 employees organizations can’t run and can’t achieve their goals.

Purpose of present study is to explore Finance and Management. Employee Voice: A Critical Element of Organizational Success. In times of uncertainty it is more important than ever that employers pay attention to a concept called employee "voice.".

The culture of an organisation should be deep, pervasive, patterned and neutral as a result of which it would have a direct influence and impact on leadership.

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Leadership plays a very integral role in the wellbeing of a company as it is the source of the beliefs and values that get a group dealing with internal and external problems. Free Essay: The Effects of Organizational Structure, Culture and Management Style on the Performance of a Business J-Sainsbury's is a hierarchical.

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Impact of culture and employee voice in organizations management essay
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