Market research case study starbucks entry into china

Ltd, which was as their first partner. Starbucks realized that local partners can have the best understanding of local cultures customers and some related laws.

Coffee can be a substitute for tea and Starbucks does not have a problem supplying the coffee beans to its Chinese store. The concept of selling fresh-roasted whole beans in a specialty store was a revolutionary idea by Starbucks. However, Nescafe is not a coffee house like Starbucks.

This was particularly so as the Chinese market was considered a hard market to crack for Western companies and also because of the fact that China had a tea drinking culture with the beverage market predominantly controlled by tea.

Case Study on Marketing Strategy: Political Influences China is a communist country and well known as country that restricted their business to foreign countries long over ago. All of this will inspire Starbucks, as the majority of the famous international corporations already in China, to consider further investments in China.

Starbucks will maintain its competitive advantage for years to come if they ongoing to accomplish this. All these factors led to rising income of middle class. Regarding to competitors and rivals, company revenue and customer visits must also be monitoring, consider improving store atmosphere and product performance with respect to these rivals.

Any foreign investors willing to invest in China must have to apply for a special government investment license. The company has managed to maintain the competitive advantage because it has offered conveniences and an atmosphere customers can enjoy.

Therefore, Starbucks hires designers to come up with artwork for commuter mugs. AmbaiU Graduation Paper, Economic factors are an important aspects that concern the nature and direction of the economy in which a firm operates.

There are some advantages for Starbucks with joint venture to enter Chinese market. What can Starbucks do considering on China income discrepancies are firstly consider the effect of lowering beverage prices to deal with the current economy crisis or cutting cost.

Another aspect was Chinese shopping behaviour which was different from the US market. In summary, Starbucks in China employed a very successful marketing strategy when entering the country. Starbucks achieved considerable knowledge about the Chinese market conditions and then began to open Starbucks stores in China.

More importantly, consider lowering the effective price on special beverages for a short period to win customers and revenue from rivals. Starbucks entered the Chinese market in From professional to students they had different ways to attract them.

It highlights the strategies of entry and expansion and also discusses some of the localization strategies followed by Starbucks in the country.The case study McDonald’s in China showcases the company’s shift in market entry policy to enter China.

Owing to the Chinese government’s regulations and policies, McDonald’s restaurants are either wholly-owned by the company or jointly-owned, contrary to the setting up of franchising stores elsewhere.1/5(1). Aug 10,  · Once Starbucks decided to enter China, it implemented a smart market entry strategy.

It did not use any advertising and promotions that could be.

Case Study on Marketing Strategy: Starbucks Entry to China

Starbucks entry into emerging and developed markets is informed by market research. Starbucks conducted market research to enable a deeper understanding of the Chinese markets, and the way that capitalism functions in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

What Starbucks did right in China is a great case study how food brands can succeed despite rising labor and real estate costs and increased competition on the mainland. Marketing Research: Starbucks in China. More about coffee market in China.

Starbucks in China. Business Week and Interbrand have listed the top global brands (market study in China) and Starbucks Coffee ranked in at 91st overall thanks to its $3 billion brand value.

The company has spread its business to many countries over the past years. The Market Entry of Starbucks into China Words Feb 1st, 4 Pages This project will focus on gauging the success of the company's market entry strategy thus far.

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Market research case study starbucks entry into china
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