Paper masks

Fold paper - draw contour for mask and cut out. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways - adding horns - hair - beards - scalloped edge - geometric shapes Layer colors.

How to Make Paper Masks

Larry encourages students to hide the fold mark in some way. For example Paper masks yellow triangle can be added to a black mask. Then a smaller red triangle can be glued in the center of the yellow one.

Discuss briefly reasons and meanings of masks in cultures presented. The basic form is made with a 9 x 12 inch 23 x He also encourages students to bring items from home to include on the mask. Did students make wise choices? The cut section is pulled together and glued.

Review color planning Procedures: These go into a scrap box and can be used during mask making. Symmetry cut two shapes at one time - cut nose and mouth with center on the foldbreaking the edge extending beyond the contour of the masklayering of color, and patterns.

Then a smaller blue circle can then be glued in the center of the red triangle. Did students try a variety of paper sculpting techniques to create relief elements? Did students exhibit craftsmanship in cutting and gluing? Try creative folding to create 3-D forms that can be glued to the mask.

Demonstrate a variety of paper sculpting techniques that can be applied to mask curling for hair - folding for noses - curving for eyelids - crimping for hair - etc Demonstrate clipping the top and chin of mask and gluing to make three dimensional.

Mardi Gras masks See African Masks http: Use a variety of papers see note Patterns are made by repeating lines, shapes, or a theme. Did students show design principles of balance, repetition, and unity in placement of colors and shapes?

This allows for great color and texture possibilities as students search sections of an old paintings and make aesthetic choices.

DIY Geometric Paper Masks That You Can Print Out At Home

Students build onto the mask form considering the following: Site gives a nice overview of styles, materials used and reasons for masks of Africa - shows a few examples graphics not photos- but still good enough for students to get the idea -- and there is a short quiz.

Show students a variety of masks from various cultures or select one culture to feature. An interesting pattern can be developed by using the small circles from left-over from punching holes in paper using a Hole Paper Punch.

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Show video Maskmaking with Paper if available.I'm Rog and I'm here to help walk you through the process of interacting with the exciting world of Wintercroft Masks, books and jewellery. Always here to help! (mm X mm) or US Letter paper (8½" X 11").

In your printer setting please select the type of paper that you are printing on but DO NOT SCALE THE TEMPLATES TO FIT THE 5/5(3K). U.K.-based designer Steve Wintercroft has a collection of bizarre geometrical paper masks for Halloween revelers that can be printed out (for a price) and.

Shop face masks at Sephora. Treat skin concerns with top-rated masks that help hydrate skin, smooth fine lines, slough away dead cells and unclog pores. These masks from Spearmint Baby are perfect for beginners to create because all you need to do is fold a piece of cardboard or paper in half and cut – Too easy!

Paper Masks

These paper mask designs from Ta. Ta. Kids Design are absolutely stunning – The combination of colors and shapes are just perfect!

Create paper masks for kids that can be worn or displayed as works of art. Kids will love these creations. Find out more about making paper masks.

Pack of Disposable Face Masks - Medical Paper Masks, Dental Mouth Masks - Great for People with Allergies and The Flu, Face and Nose Cover - White, x inches.

Paper masks
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