Pictorial essay radiology

In a setting of living-donor liver transplant and patients undergoing extended hepatic resections for both primary and metastatic liver tumors, preoperative assessment of hepatic arterial anatomy is very important because of the risk of ischemic complications in the event of inadvertent injury to the arterial supply.

The cases detected belonged to 31 females and 22 males with an average age of In this patient subgroup, who are otherwise asymptomatic, a persistent linear atelectasis can be due to primary lung cancer. Most importantly, to ensure a correct diagnosis thorough clinical and histopathological assessment are required to support the imaging findings presented in this review.

Data were obtained from the picture archiving and communication system. We wish to clarify some of the confusion around nomenclature and classification of the multiple entities that are comprised by the terms mucocele and mucinous tumor of the appendix.

We present a series of five cases which includes two rare presentations: Anatomical variations in hepatic arterial supply to the liver are very common and seen in nearly half the population. Follow-up work up performed at 3 months. All relevant intra- and peri-operative events were noted.

Abstract Salivary glands are the first organs of digestion secreting their digestive juices into the oral cavity. This study evaluates the knowledge and practice of using radiation-protective aprons by interventionists.

In cases where routine drainage was not identified, spatial resolution was not sufficient to further delineate complex drainage anatomy. There was neither history of birth trauma nor any complications during delivery.

Digital panoramic radiographs of Lebanese adult patients females and males with a mean age of Magnetic resonance imaging MRI of brachial plexus showed postganglionic injury with musculoskeletal abnormalities.

Preservation of renal function after nephron-sparing surgery NSS is multifactorial and the impact of individual factors on it is still a debate. The parotid gland is divided into the larger superficial and smaller deep lobes by the retromandibular or facial vein.

The child underwent surgical repair of the plexus and is on physical rehabilitation.

Retrospective review of brain MRI. Under an Elsevier user license open archive Abstract Colloid cysts are among rare benign tumours of the third ventricle.

Pictorial essay: Salivary gland imaging

We found that the arterial supply to segment 4 of the liver originated from left hepatic artery LHA in majority of cases, You have free access to this content Functional MRI in clinical practice: A pictorial essay. Radiology ; – Link, Google Scholar 19 Fayad LM, Holland GA, Bergin D, et al. Functional magnetic resonance cholangiography (fMRC) of the gallbladder and biliary tree with contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance cholangiography.

A pictorial essay: Radiology of lines and tubes in the intensive care unit

Radiology of the nasopharynx: Pictorial essay. Authors. Vincent Fh Chong, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore ; Search for more papers by this author. Yoke-Fun Fan. Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore.

Radiologic Manifestations of Colloid Cysts: A Pictorial Essay This article was presented as a scientific poster at the Turkish Society of Magnetic Resonance Congress, 16th Annual Scientific Meeting, May, Istanbul, Turkey.

Pictorial Essay: Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathies: A Pictorial Essay Cristina I Olivas-Chacon, Carola Mullins, Kevan Stewart, Nassim Akle, Jesus E Calleros, Luis R Ramos-Duran.

Chest Radiography in the ICU: Part 2, Evaluation of Cardiovascular Lines and Other Devices MarchVOLUME NUMBER 3 Integrative Imaging Self-Assessment Module LIFELONG LEARNING FOR RADIOLOGY Pictorial Essay. Chest Radiography in the ICU: Part 2, Evaluation of Cardiovascular Lines and Other Devices Part 2.

Pictorial essay radiology
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