Planetary resources business plan

As of JulyA6 was initially planned to launch in late along with a number of other cubesats. The company also intends to produce satellites for sale. The company has stated that it could take a decade to finish identifying the best candidates for commercial mining. The first attempt to validate and mature the technology [41] [42] [43] [44] met a setback on 28 Octoberwhen the first Arkyd-3 test satellite was destroyed during launch in the explosion of the Antares rocket carrying it to the International Space Station ISS.

Planetary Resources

The Economist reported that the options include mining an NEA in orbit, which will require intelligent robots that can work by themselves. Get the latest Resource Investing stock information Get the latest information about companies associated with Resource Investing Delivered directly to your inbox.

It is slated to test attitude control, power, and communication systems as well as a photo-display-and-retransmission system.

The purpose of the flight is to test technologies for the planetary resources business plan Arkyd spacecraft.

Planetary Resources Seeks to Mine Asteroids, but Skeptics Say Plan Amounts to Hot Air

Details about the financing and a timeline are sketchy right now, but the company says it will prove naysayers wrong. It was speculated that Planetary Resources was "looking for ways to extract raw materials from non-Earth sources," as the means by which it would as stated in the press release "add trillions of dollars to the global GDP.

The company announced the investment would be used for the launch of its first asteroid prospecting mission by Further, several new technologies will be required, including more powerful solar panels, electric-ion engines, extraterrestrial mining equipment, and robotic refineries.

I, Karan Kumar, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. Their first model of space telescope, the Arkydhas been introduced. Several small space telescopeswith various sensing capabilities, are to be launched for this purpose.

The company had planned on receiving investment from an unnamed mining company, but the investment was delayed due to budgetary reasons. Most asteroids are between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The first stage will be a survey and analysis, using purpose-built satellites in Earth orbit, to locate the best potential targets among near-Earth asteroids.

Space gas stations could be ready by How will the resources be brought back to Earth?

Planetary Resources asteroid venture misses fundraising target, forcing cutbacks

The torus holds the propellant and provides the structure for the satellite. History[ edit ] Planetary Resources, Inc was founded as Arkyd Astronautics on 1 January[3] with Peter Diamandis as co-chairman and director, and Chris Lewicki as president and chief engineer.

Clearly, it does not look like base metals from space are likely to provide a good return on capital. In addition to the extraction of industrial and precious metals for space-based and terrestrial use, the project envisions producing water for an orbital propellant depot.

The media has, naturally, been skeptical, and has raised the question of whether the endeavour is possible. Then, the idea is to build robotic spaceships to squeeze rocket fuel and valuable minerals out of the rocks that routinely whizz past the Planetary resources business plan. Planetary Resources explained at a press conference last month that the inaugural step, to be achieved within two years, is to launch the first in a series of private telescopes to search for the right type of asteroid.

The accompanying Kickstarter campaign was terminated and refunds promised in May Setting up the telescopes is the easy bit; the tough part starts if the company finds valuable asteroids.

But with Google Inc. Expense out of this world Currently about 9, NEAs are known to exist. The company has also declined to discuss specifics about how and when asteroid mining will begin.Planetary Resources’ long-term business plan is to identify resource-rich asteroids and mine them for water and other materials that could be valuable for in-space infrastructure and resupply.

Asteroid mining is the key to our future expansion into space. See the vision of Planetary Resources in our latest video short featuring Dante Lauretta, Ph.D.

and also Tory Bruno of United Launch. Planetary Resources, Inc was founded as Arkyd Astronautics on 1 JanuaryTo achieve this, the company is operating on the basis of a long-term strategic plan.

Unveiling the Planetary Resources 3D-Printed Satellite in February (Arkyd 5 Planetary Resources reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees/5(5).

Announcing the world's first commercial deep space exploration mission. Watch Video × 16, Near-Earth asteroids rich in resources.

Learn More. Apr 25,  · We've now had the announcement of the business plans of Planetary Resources. Enough to excite everyone who read Heinlein or Jerry Pournelle as a teenager.

Planetary resources business plan
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