Speed thrills but also kills

Call as soon as you can safely do so Aggressive Driving Defined Aggressive Driving is more than just speeding. Alcohol Driving Under the influence has been another major issue that has threat by itself.

If convicted of a second or subsequent aggressive driving offense within three years, they may face a day license suspension. That spurred DCAS, armed with its four wheel drive vehicles, to be on alert, and cope with any eventuality, he said.

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The reason of the crash is yet to be known but of late youngsters have become reckless on road and the numbers of accidents are growing at an alarming rate in India.

Ayazuddin is still critical and battling for his life and already has had a bout of cardiac arrest. They have not only risk their own lives but also put others at risk. Delaware Speed Facts Most speed-related crashes occur on roads that have a 50 mph speed limit. They must also complete a behavior modification class or attitudinal driving course.

He once again called on the motorists to adhere to the traffic rules, abide by the speed limits and be cautious while driving in highways and internal roads.

Upset Mind One of the studies by adelaide. Hassan Ali said some truck drivers may feel tired or exhausted but there are no rest places on high ways so some of them park their cars on road shoulders, which could cause accidents.

These vehicles will tour the Emirate to record traffic offences. Citing example of recent accidents Col.

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Aysha Ahmed said that due to traffic jams from Sharjah to Dubai, some drivers who live in Sharjah and work in Dubai, drive their cars on road shoulders to be able to drive fast and reach their offices and this may cause accidents as people who have a real emergency are unable to find a place to pull over.

This year more than 20 such horrific accidents took place on various roads of the Emirate and claimed the lives of many people and also caused disability to many others.

There have been laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving but there has been very little change since the law has been passed. They also issued several warnings, asking people to exercise caution and avoid speeding.

What to do when confronted by aggressive drivers: Administrative code - regulations related to aggressive driving. Adventurous youths, looking to engage in different hobbies, have made the neighbourhood a busy place with uncertainties.

Most of these fatal accidents are linked to over-speeding that leads to losing control of the wheel and hitting the median or colliding with other cars. It is an obvious fact that errors at a higher speed are always more dangerous than the ones at lowers speeds. At an age where speed might be thrilling, one must not forget that there are loved ones whose love and care should be valued much more than few seconds of exhilaration.

Alcohol slows down the reaction time and impairs the responses to the surroundings which opens all the gates for disaster.Motorbikes accidents are growing rapidly in India.

Wearing a helmet and keeping the speedometer within a safe zone would not harm anyone. It is high time that riders understand their.

Speed thrills, but also kills. Speeding was the major cause of around 80 per cent of accidents in Dubai last year, revealed an annual report released by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Nov 16,  · SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS!

Speed thrills, but it also kills

It is an obvious fact that errors at a higher speed are always more dangerous than the ones at lowers speeds. Factors leading to speeding. Alchohol also leads to agression that results in speeding among the drivers under the influence.

Speed Thrills BUT Kills. likes. Drive slow live forever. Oct 24,  · India has one of the world’s highest accident rates, yet nothing is done to correct the driving pattern of young people who are the cause of most accidents and also its victims, a study by an Author: IANS.

Traffic Awareness Campaign: Speed thrills but kills and also the continuous inspection campaign targeting violators has played a great role in reducing the number of violations to half as.

Speed thrills but also kills
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