Writing a message with chocolate bars

Candy Bar Letter Tips

As you look over the selection, think of how you could use the brand name in a sentence. Brand name chocolate candy is ideal for chocolate candy bar cards. They will probably be heavier than you expect, so it is a good idea to place them as balanced across the page as possible.

If you want to jazz up your card, you can get fancy by using paper lace doilies, construction paper, stickers, etc. You can just leave your poster board flat, or you can fold it like a regular card. The person you choose to give a card like this to will love it, I promise!

I would follow you anywhere, even to Mars. Dear Don, You are such a Hunky guy. This letter is sealed with a Kiss. Upload Pictures or Graphics optional [? Once you know exactly where you plan to put everything, you can begin writing your message with markers. Chocolate candy bar cards were a great inexpensive way for a "poor college student" to show their gratitude, friendship, or affection.

Get a piece of poster board to use as your card. Just remember that if you choose a color that is too dark, you will have difficulty reading anything that you may write on it. You may have to black out a letter or two in some cases.

You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. But some things are pretty timeless, and I think spoiling someone with a chocolate creative gift is one of those things. Your story will appear on a Web page just the way you enter it here.

That is half the fun. He also happens to be my husband. It is a good idea to write your message on the card gently with pencil to be sure you have the placement just the way you want it.

Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph. Alternatively, you can choose between a variety of colored poster boards. Go ahead and show off a bit! First of all, you need to stop at the candy aisle of your local store.

Tell us about your clever creation so we can enjoy your ingenuity and maybe steal some of your ideas.

Have you thought of some creative phrases for making your own chocolate candy bar card? Click the button and find it on your computer.

You are only limited by your imagination.Find this Pin and more on Chocolate bar message posters by Lise Young. A Sweet Teacher Gift - Making Memories With Your Kids.

Great idea of using chocolate bars inside a message. Jun 04,  · How to write a message on chocolate? Hershey chocolate bars are made with molds and if u dont make a mold its nearly impossible to make it a smooth finish but if u want to get letters in it make ur bar and get a tiny knife and make letters that's ur best bet.

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other then that all u can do is but molds. each with writing on the Status: Resolved. Heidi Bender, author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Search! Popular Posts.

Chocolate Bar Message Gift Club

20 Thank you for the chocolate message examples. #14 Thanks for the mini chocolate bars. I like to have them in at my desk for whoever my stop by.

I am grateful that you contributed to the cause to restock my dish! Jan 17,  · I don't want to temper something I'm using to write a quick message with. I use ganche if I need chocolate writing, otherwise I use frostings. Share this post. I used writing chocolate at cooking school, but haven't made much use of it since.

let your chocolate writing harden up, then bring it back out and gently stick the tip of a. Make your message unforgettable with our custom designed chocolate message bars. SEND A CHOCOLATE TEXT. Great for gifts, events, parties, anything!

Create your own chocolate celebration!

Writing a message with chocolate bars
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