Writing activity about weather news

Discuss the information the reporter focused on air temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc. Drill these new words using choral repetition first and then call on students to say them individually.

Weather Activities for Kindergarten

Students should take turns asking and answering questions. Was the extreme outdoor weather report written in first person? The person in the studio introduces the story by telling the viewers about the Storm of the Century. The student in the middle can read his card and the students with the same card should remain seated while the other students have to change seats.

Props might include microphones, umbrellas, winter wear, a fan for wind, Styrofoam peanuts for snow, or a hard hat for an earthquake. Either show a video of a weather forecast, or have students come to this session prepared to discuss report they had previously watched.

Ask students which part of the weather forecast is important to them. Use the flashcards to have students practice the model sentence using different words. Point to the list of extreme weather conditions you have written on the board.

Days 2—3 Step 1: How did they finish the forecast? Was there other information they put across? Explain to students that while they were fortunate to do their forecasts from nice dry and warm "studios," many reporters actually conduct their forecasts from the middle of the action — outdoors. What does a TV weather reporter do?

Create your own weather story Image caption School Reporters from Wales present the weather live on News Day Get the students to put together a weather forecast.

Write About the Weather

There is no need to write a full script but they do need to think about the structure. This person will be responsible for taping both the news anchor and the reporter.

Have students videotape their weather reports in small groups. Math National Council for Teachers of Mathematics: Did students incorporate appropriate weather conditions in their first-person report? When making these mini weather flashcards, it is important to use the same images that you used on the large flashcards if possible because consistency will help your students memorize the words and associate them with particular images.

Step By Step Guide 1 Warm up Start off with your usual warm up and try to get students talking about seasons. Give them plenty of opportunities to use weather related vocabulary throughout the course to keep these words fresh in their minds.

What are the advantages of these reports? You can also talk about different activities students like to do during particular seasons and why some of them, such as snowboarding, cannot be done year round.Weather-Related Writing Activities: My Favorite Weather: Draw and Write Draw a picture of your favorite weather and write about it.

Describe your favorite weather, why you like it, and what you like to do during this weather. Monthly Activity Calendar Books to Print Site Index.

K-3 Crafts K-3 Themes Little Explorers Picture dictionary PreK. Experiment with online weather tools, meet weather experts, track storms, and learn about earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and more.

How to Teach Weather. You can have short writing activities where students talk about their favorite and least favorite weather. You can also ask them to say what they like to do when it’s sunny, You can do this easily by creating an activity about weather forecasts.

Students can work in pairs where each student has a weekly weather. The following are printouts, crafts and writing activities that are designed to encourage and stimulate writing. The topics include writing short essays, writing reports, using graphic organizers to organize your thoughts before writing, printing and writing short books, and letter structure.

Educators Home > Monthly Themes > Weather. Classroom Resources. Weather. Writing Prompt Story: Many stories take place during storms.

Have students write a story in which the weather plays a major role in the plot. Activities Grades K–2: Science Weather Safety Tips.

News & Weather Report Script Writing

Sep 27,  · Activity: Writing news - beginning middle and end (15 mins) Headlines "sell" stories to readers, viewers and listeners by "telling" them what the story is about and grabbing their attention.

Writing activity about weather news
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